Jennifer, JEN,  Jenny, Jeni, Jenae, Jenifer, Jenivahr Jenni, Jellis; 

Most people call me Jen and I’m originally from Wiesbaden, Germany but I’ve lived in Illinois most of my life, currently chill’n in Chicago. 

Did I tell you I’ve got jokes, lots of jokes.

I’m a tedious combination of awkward, weird, creative and sarcastic. 

I make lists for my lists and this is most likely a list for that list.

The quickest way to my heart is horror movies, Indian food and music. 

I’m always listening to music, I’m an undiscovered rap god and photography is my jam! 

I co-habit with fuzzy little white cats called Lucy and Pip. They hate me but I love them.

Traveling is pretty AHMAZING for me, I really like to do it, so if your story requires me to travel, you’re my favorite person and I’ll probably give you a 20 second, no make that a 45 second hug.

True love, soul mates, love stories…I believe in all that mushy gushy stuff.


(Above: Lucy- curious, quiet, happy, lover of plastic bags, gentle, spoiled)

Want to check out some places I've traveled to, check check check out these shots below. Most photos were taken in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Colorado and Ireland. I am available to travel the world in order to tell your story. What's your story?